About us

Across the Globe, We Are United in Our Dedication to human Rights

our story

People Immigration Network (PIN) an NGO, was officially founded by a Nigerian and Cameroonian. It was registered in Italy 2016 by its founder and 4 of its Exco all with west African Origin. The Idea of PIN started 2013 due to the activities of Illegal immigrants of African Origin in Italy. As you may know there were documentation, videos, even in the news we made headlines. Lots of our Men, Boys, Women and girls were involved in drugs, human trafficking, prostitution and other social vices. The main goal of our PIN is to help illegal Immigrants integrate better into the society and to save life by creating awareness so as to cut Illegal immigration. Yes, Illegal immigration has account for the deaths of undocumented number of mother’s, father’s, brother’s sister’s and children across the Sahara desert and Mediterranean sea. We see how different organizations has be trying to help but they all lack the fundamental ” Tackling the problem from the point of Origin. At PIN that is what we do, While Italy remains our European and global headquarters, we hope to spread around the globe. We aim to be present all over Africa, Asia and the world at large. We are empowering and organizing different enlightenment program in African to discourage illegal immigration.







Our Approach

— Our Mission

Reduce (50% within the five year and 90% long term ) illegal immigration to Europe


— Our Vision

  • Our main aim is to stop illegal immigration in the countries of origin and encouraging illegal immigrant to return home.
  •  Promoting the public awareness in the immigrant countries of origin, in Europe and working together with Europeans regardless of age, ethnic origin, ability, sex, belief or political affiliation recognizing the value of our many differences.
  •  Involving local people in understanding the dangers of illegal immigration.