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An international humanitarian Organization
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An international humanitarian Organization

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Who we are

People Immigration Network (PIN) an NGO, was officially founded by a Nigerian and Cameroonian. It was registered in Italy 2016 by its founder and 4 of its Exco all with west African Origin. The Idea of PIN started 2013 due to the activities of Illegal immigrants of African Origin in Italy. As you may know there were documentation, videos, even in the news we made headlines. Lots of our Men, Boys, Women and girls were involved in drugs, human trafficking, prostitution and other social vices. The main goal of our PIN is to help illegal Immigrants integrate better into the society and to save life by creating awareness so as to cut Illegal immigration.

Areas of uor services

Social and Cultural Development

Human Rights

Children & Youth iv. Education

Impact Stories

Mark- A Migrant from Senegal

My name is Mark (real Names witheld) I came 25 years old and I am from Senegal. I migrated to Italy about 5 years ago. I left my country for the possibility of having a better life. I arrived Italy and was able to request for international protection which was rejected and I had to seek for appeal. I was granted permit of stay for humanitarian purpose. But I was not able to get a job after I left the project for asylum seekers. I had no one to help and it was early January during the winter season. It was terrible living on the street as some of the people I knew could not accommodate me. I was on the street for over a week until I came in contact with the Peoples Immigration Network (PIN)
I went to the district office in Genova to ask for help after been rejected on two occasions and this time around they told me there may be a possibility for me to get help but it all depends on the association if they will accept me because I am a male. I waited for the help to come and when it came i was introduced to two black men like me as the people from the association that will be assisting me. I was surprised as I was expecting some white people to come. At first I lost hope again but after they introduced themselves to me and interviewed me, they told me they were going to help me. I was giving a place to stay, and provisions were also made for my daily upkeep. I was also introduced to someone that helped me to secure a job which I did for about 3 weeks. Through the help of PIN i was also able to secure another job that helped me to where I am today. I will always be grateful to PIN for the support they rendered when all hope was lost. I am indeed grateful.